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Patricia Missler

artist & author

For almost four decades, Patricia Missler called the island of Hawaii home. During those years, she immersed herself in all things artistic, including painting and writing. She and her husband, also an artist, created, curated, and operated their own art gallery in Kona, Hawaii, for sixteen years. They also designed and built their own house and extensive gardens, tucked away in a native Hawaiian forest, further expressing their creative energy.

It was there, in Hawaii, that Patricia unleashed her creative nature and actively pursued studies with many revered, successful, and creative artists. She is well known for her large abstracts and also her vibrant and whimsical watercolor paintings. Her collectors are now all over the world.

However, after this long adventure on the Islands, it was time for a new perspective. Patricia and her husband now reside in the Pacific Northwest.

“My new surroundings offer a place of rest, retreat, and a fresh source of inspiration. My painting and writing are now infused with the hues of the PNW, my new home.”

Since moving, Patricia’s work has been featured at Chuckanut Bay Gallery, Cordata Gallery (formerly known as Gallery Syre), and most recently at the cultural Story Pole Fundraiser at The Hotel Leo in Bellingham, WA.

Book & Artwork


Patricia Alarcón Missler finds her roots in a tasty world of chocolate éclairs, platefuls of nachos enjoyed on dates, and tamales nibbled on after Christmas Eve mass. More importantly she discovers the notion that “familia” is at the heart of everything in her proud Mexican American life.

Original Artwork

“Perhaps my personal aspiration, or what some might refer to as my Artist Statement, Living an ART inspired life, is what best defines my creative expression. It’s important to me to include art in my daily life; an appreciation of beauty, in all things great and small. I continually find inspiration and upliftment, from nature. It is vital to my mental well-being and my creativity. The excitement of our garden waking up from a long cold winter or spring flowers in a colorful bouquet from a friend brings joy. Birds flying from tree to tree, gathering twigs for their nests; or eagles perched atop majestic firs doing whatever it is they do up there; the sound of ocean waves gently coming to shore; or the train’s horn wistfully blowing in the darkness of night waking me from a deep slumber … the simple things in life.

The Pacific Northwest inspires my current paintings and writings. Winters are reflected in moody, atmospheric, and introspective work as I am surrounded by snow-dusted forests, snow-capped mountain ranges, gray and misty bays, and the islands of Puget Sound shrouded in the silence of winter. Summer months display verdant forests and fields; fill my garden with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances which augment my imagination; and offer electric sunrises and sunsets on a near-daily basis.

And it is in appreciating these naturally occurring wonders of Nature that I continue Living an ART inspired life.