A Jewel in Downtown Houston

March 4, 2015

A Jewel in downtown Houston… Esperson Gallery at GreenStreet.  Oh my, was I ever excited once I got in to the gallery on Monday morning.  The night before, the anticipation of walking in to the gallery the next morning and seeing my work hung, well it built up to a sweet crescendo and I was not disappointed in any way.  Tammy Dowe and her staff at Esperson Gallery did a stellar job of hanging all of my paintings.  I was just like a little kid, walking in through the huge glass front double doors and realizing that I had come from the Big Island of Hawaii and landed in an even bigger “island”, the unique metropolis of Houston at GreenStreet.  Surrounded by enormous buildings, fountains, walkways that span over the streets below, green spaces with palm trees familiar to my Hawaiian sensibilities… that is downtown Houston and I fell in love with Houston.  I was and am thrilled to be a part of this big city world.

I’m not sure if the expressions on my face do my feelings justice.  I was pretty much walking on a cloud the whole time I toured the gallery and previewed the show.

Take a stroll with me as I tour the gallery…