Abstract Painting inspired by the ocean

May 25, 2014

I just now finished a new abstract painting that was inspired by my recent visit to Maui. One of the beaches my husband took me to is “Windmills”.  I took my time looking for beach glass and puka shells, all the while giving my feet a soothing massage as I walked on the soft and wet white sandy beach.  I failed miserably at finding puka shells but did, however, find some nice beach glass.  I was told I needed to have “puka eyes” to spot the elusive little shells and discovered that instead of puka eyes I must have “beach glass” radar since that is what I usually find on beaches.  Windmills freely shared many shades of turquoise and green from the ocean waves and subtle hues of sand, driftwood and sun-bleached coral from the shore.  Enjoy my new painting aptly named “Windmills”.