An Unrelenting Force…

October 30, 2014


My poem is dedicated to those brave souls of Pahoa.  As the lava maintains a steady flow towards Pahoa Town, residents hold their breaths, stand strong as a united and loving community and hope for the best.


We live in this world as guests

As humble servants, at best.

We live in awe of Nature

And bow at Her unrelenting presence.

We hear Her proclamation that

Her force will prevail,

That we are mere observers

Of her power and force.

We mindfully pick up our belongings

And step aside from the blazing path

Of lava that will reclaim what it will.

No matter what tears are shed or

Fears are faced,

Nature prevails.

As most of the major networks have been running stories on the current lava flow on the island of Hawaii that threatens the town of Pahoa, I have had so many thoughts swirling around.  My heart goes out to those in the path of the  lava and hope that there is not too much destruction of Pahoa Town.  Though it seems almost certain at this time that there will be homes lost and local businesses impacted by the flow, I just hope that Madame Pele is able to flow with minimal damage.  For those interested in keeping up with our local news coverage on the advancing lava, you may want to go check out KITV or KHON for late breaking updates.

I’ve had many calls and emails from friends and followers of my blog/Facebook page and I assure you that I am doing fine.  I live far from the current eruption, though one never knows…does one?  Peace to those in Pahoa Town!!!

Patti Peace