In Appreciation

December 10, 2014

In appreciation of all things beautiful, a college professor from University of Hawaii, extension campus,  brought by one of her Humanities class to my art gallery.  The students walked around studying all the art on our walls, listening to the classical music I was playing, talking quietly amongst themselves, some of them quietly looking on their own.  They were a delight.

After sometime had passed, the professor had the students present their comments, questions and musings on art.  I was so impressed with how respectful they were and how deep some of their questions were.  It showed me that they were really “looking” with an open mind, eyes and heart.

They wanted to know what makes an artist “tick”.  What makes them creative…and in particular, what did my paintings mean?  They wanted to understand.  So sweet.  Of course I said “There is nothing to ‘understand’, only much to FEEL.”  I explained that my art, and in my mind any artist’s artwork, it is about feeling something when you look at a painting, a sculpture, listen to a piece of music, read a compelling piece of literature…whatever.  It must instill in the viewer an emotion of some kind.  At least that is how I feel about art.  I want it to make me FEEL in the deepest, most hallowed recesses of my heart.  Forget the “understanding”, or the “how do they do that?”…as far as I am concerned ART is about loving your life and letting that flow out of you, the artist, into your work for others to take flight in.

I encouraged them all to love their life, work hard, live their passion.  They are still young with plenty of time to map out the course of their lives.  But in mapping out theirs lives I stressed to always follow their dreams.