ART Collides with LIFE

December 30, 2014

ART Collides with LIFE once again, and I am left wondering…does art lie hidden in all of our DNA just waiting for the opportunity to splash on to our lives in unexpected ways?

While cleaning out my closet this weekend, in preparation for disposing of unnecessary items before the new year rolls in, you know, ‘out with the old, in with the new’, I was thrilled to fall in love again with an old smock of mine.  There is nothing special about this smock except that it has large grey and black stripes…and for those of you who are familiar with my artwork or with what I post on Pinterest, you will know I LOVE stripes…any color, size and combinations thereof.

And this morning was yet another cool winter morning in South Kona, so I bundled up, Hawaiian style, reunited with my old smock, I also threw on leggings and black leather boots.

It wasn’t until I came in to my gallery and started showing a prospective buyer some of my new watercolor paintings that I broke out laughing realizing that once again ART had COLLIDED with my life.  As I pulled out the 18″ X 24″ watercolor painting called “Yellow Stripe” it was hard to tell the difference between where the painting ended and my smock began.  Too funny.

Once again I wrestle with the thought, “Who’s really in charge?”.  What do you think?


Here I am with Eve who had just purchased my book. We had a great laugh at the painting and smock collision.