Art keeps us connected

November 13, 2014

Something that makes me HAPPY is when a person connects to my artwork…when a painting finds the right home to live in.  When I see what a BIG smile a person gets when they look at my work.  And such it was with two of my recent original watercolor paintings that found their way to a new home; this time it is in Tokyo, Japan, with my dear friends, Masao and Hiroko Sasai.

To go so far away… knowing that a part of me, of my creative energy, of my spark and joy of living, will now reside in distant lands…Well, that’s what makes working so hard at painting and writing worth while.

I know that my friends will think of me every time they look at my paintings hanging on their walls.  And so we will never really be that far away from each other.  There will always be part of me, living in their cozy home, warmed by the glowing fireplace in winter, sharing a hot cup of sake.

Enjoy my art, dear friends, enjoy!


Masao and Hiroko chose a painting of one of the chairs in my own home. It is so heart warming to know they will have a part of my “own” home in their Tokyo home.


My paintings speak to Masao and make him happy!


Hiroko and Masao with “One Big Happy World” that will be in their home.