Back in the saddle

March 19, 2015

“Waves Upon Waves”, original watercolor


Back in the saddle with my trusty paint brushes in hand…

Upon returning from my successful art opening at Esperson Gallery in downtown Houston, I jumped back into my paints, canvases and watercolor paper and set off to begin and complete a commission for five small paintings.

After only ten days away from my paints, it was amazing how shy my hands felt with fully loaded brushes.  Within a day or so, the love affair was on again, in fact, with renewed vigor and excitement.  I’ve completed the commission and am now embarking on a new series of large abstracts on canvas.  Where these new paintings take me will no doubt be a wonderful journey.  And will that journey be into a dream, a song, a prayer, a hope or an expression of passion or of focus??  I don’t know for sure as my journeys are always spontaneous and surprising.  I’ll be sure to let you know once I “get there”.

Aloha, Patricia


“Verdant Waterfalls”, original watercolor.



“Clear and Bright”, original watercolor.