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A Beautiful Soul

June 15, 2016

     A beautiful soul remains beautiful in spite of the relentless and unforgiving march of time. It has been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and there is a reason for that. It is the relentless and unforgiving marching of time that has kept me from pouring my heart out because it […]

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Slow by Slow

May 11, 2016

There is a great saying in Hawaii, “Slow by slow”.  I love it.  It takes the pressure off of me to get the job done and leave it to the universe to help me along.  I do the best I can to achieve my end goal, but I know that it doesn’t have to happen […]

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Angels on the rafters…

April 16, 2016

Love to see ANGELS in my studio.  They perch on the rafters blowing their blessings and inspirations into my artistic world.  In fact, my studio is filled with things that remind me of my roots, that which grounds me, thrills me, inspires me, all things loving and up-lifting. Landmarks of where my soul has been and […]

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       I’M LATE, I’M LATE FOR A VERY IMPORTANT DATE… That is how my life appears to have been for months and months…Painting like there is no tomorrow, writing about the continuing saga of my inspirations and always late, late, late for that very important date. Have been way behind in getting my paintings scanned […]

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First Day of Spring

March 20, 2016

“Spring Elephants Walking Through The Garden” by Patricia Missler Pale blue sky, cool breeze floating through the orchid plants on my lanai, and nowhere to be except “here” and “now”, ever present in this moment, the first day of Spring. What did it bring to us? What it brought me was a gentle wakeup call […]

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What Makes Life Wonderful?

January 29, 2016

When I was on Maui last week, to attend an art event at Viewpoints Gallery Maui, I was courted and captivated by the natural beauty of the island of Maui, as I always am.  As an artist, it was easy for me to visualize what inspires other artists on these beautiful islands to paint with fervor and passion.  My husband, […]

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