Deep Thoughts…finds a new space

December 3, 2014

What speaks to you?  Art is so personal…that is one thing I love about it.  I never know ahead of time what I am going to paint, only that I am going to paint.  Recently I painted a series of watercolor paintings in blues and greens, colors of the forest and the ocean that surround me.  Today  a woman zeroed in on one of those “deep and dreamy paintings”.   She picked up “Deep Thoughts”.  And as I was thumbing through some of my recently placed originals, the woman said, “Oh here it is, this is the painting I want.  The colors speak to me.”  She had to have it for her Kona home.  And there I go, floating away again, into someone’s life and home.  I’m happy with that.

Hoping “Deep Thoughts” stirs in her and all who see the painting, deep thoughts of love and happiness!

Deep Thoughts