Enthusiasm and Passion for Art

March 20, 2015

Enthusiasm & Passion for placing art in people’s homes is what Esperson Gallery (on Fannin St. in downtown Houston) are famous for, among other areas of expertise in the art world.  The staff takes pleasure in helping find the perfect home for a painting; whether it be a someone’s home or place of business, they are hard at work…following their bliss.

It takes a special skill to match art with an individual or a large corporation and Esperson Gallery has a keen sensibility in this arena.

These are a few of my recent paintings that have sold from my current exhibit at the gallery entitled “Homecoming”.  The exhibition runs through the end of March and if you haven’t yet had the time to see it, please drop in and have the staff give you a tour.  I am sure you will enjoy the experience.

I am pleased to be a part of someone’s hearth and home and to be a part of the Esperson Gallery family of artists.  Blessings to all those folks!

FeelingHappyIMG_0122  WhereWaterfallsFlow2 PinkHorizon3


YellowStairsToHeaven3  AcrossTheVastBlueOcean3  WhatDoYouSay  YellowOrangeAbstract