Eye of the hurricane!

August 22, 2014

My book Pink Elephants and Chocolate Éclairs, Memoir of a Border Town Chica (girl) rode out hurricane Iselle earlier this month.  My good friend and creative jewelry designer, Daniel Rokovitz, experienced the hurricane’s full strength at Kapoho Bay on the east side of the island were he lives.  He texted me after the hurricane with a great photo of my book.  I was thrilled to learn that my book was with him during the storm and survived the eye of the hurricane!  He mentioned to me, “Forgot to tell you what I was doing the night of the hurricane!  Got through half the book that night, by candle light, and really enjoyed the reading…Laughed out loud even at a few things that brought me right back to my own childhood.  A great way to pass the time during the hurricane if not a bit hard on the eyes!”  Daniel actually read my book by candle light.  Wow…I was impressed.  So glad we were connected during the storm Daniel and that I even made you laugh!!  Even more, I was happy to find out that no one was hurt and that your house weathered the storm with only minor damage.