Fifty shades of orange, pink, yellow…

March 26, 2015

Photo taken by my dearest friend, Kitty Lyons, from her lanai, looking across the ocean.


Am I Dreaming?

Have I died and gone to a divine astral plane?

No, I’m awake and alive…  This was one of those sunsets that hardly look real; that make my heart skip a beat and wonder, how can I not be grateful for being alive and for having eyes to see and an imagination to wander the universe.  How can I not be consumed with gratitude every second of my life?

On this particular evening last week, the sunset sky was on fire with colors of pulsating life…the orange, pink, red, yellow and so many shades in between.  Liquid, fluid, drifting, transmuting from intensity to subtlety.  These colors inspire the warm colored paintings that come to my mind.  They inspire my writing and translate into love and passion, into intensity and focus.  These colors can set your world of imagination on fire.  Just take a close look at these many shades of  the night sky and SEE where they take you.

Will you pick up a large brush and load it with scarlet, mandarin, fuschia or perhaps violet colored paint…perhaps hand write a love poem to your beloved?  Where will your imagination take you?  Into the deep and ever transforming night sky?

Or will it catapult you into the inner quiet mind, where no thoughts arise?  Completely transcending thought, form and feelings?  Wouldn’t that be lovely and amazing?