First Day of Spring

March 20, 2016

“Spring Elephants Walking Through The Garden” by Patricia Missler

Pale blue sky, cool breeze floating through the orchid plants on my lanai, and nowhere to be except “here” and “now”, ever present in this moment, the first day of Spring.

What did it bring to us?

What it brought me was a gentle wakeup call as I sipped my first cup of steaming Kona Coffee.  As I relished the full flavors of a cup of dark roast, I felt a slight rumble and heard the sound of the ground waking up for SPRING.

I knew it was an earthquake, fast, strong enough to make you wonder if the ground had more to say…

I stayed put in the kitchen, wondering for those few seconds what, if anything, this meant.

I realized that it was SPRING announcing its arrival, in a rather gentle way.

What made everything fall in to place for me was the painting I completed yesterday of elephants, SPRING ELEPHANTS, to be exact.  I knew they were meant to be forever linked to Spring because they came out looking like multi-colored Easter eggs, dancing through the garden, hiding Easter eggs for the children.  Who said only an Easter Bunny can hide eggs?  Why can’t there be Easter Elephants too?

My elephants certainly made a point this morning by stomping their little feet through my garden, rocking and shaking things about.

They came ALIVE.  And isn’t that, in part, what Easter is all about?  Re-birth and renewal, reawakening that which offers new life?  Let us all hope that we can get past differences and see that somehow we all need to re-birth ourselves, not in the religious sense, but in the sense of HUMANITY.  That there is not only one way to see the world, but many, through the multi-colored eyes of the First Day of Spring.

It gives us all the opportunity to start afresh, with a clean slate and embrace all that is beautiful, kind, good, loving, gentle, forgiving, open, heartfelt, honest, true, nonjudgemental, grateful, generous of spirit… and to walk away, no run away quickly, from all that is the opposite of that goodness, kindness and love.

No one has to accept bigotry, bullying, or hatefulness from anyone.  We all can say NO to those that attempt to divide and pit one against the other because of skin, race, economic standing, political “values”, or personal beliefs.

It is not too late to say NO to that kind of “violence”.  Be true to your higher self and look for the light in your life that can guide you to take the highest road possible in your own life.  Spread love and ALOHA, not hatred.

Namaste to all my family and friends on this First Day of Spring!