HOUSTON… We have “lift-off”

March 6, 2015

HOUSTON, We Have “Lift-Off”

Putting Pen To Paper…Putting Paint To Canvas…

Putting pen to paper birthed Pink Elephants and Chocolate Éclairs, Memoir of a Border Town Chica (girl).  Sharing this personal account of growing up in South Texas with the world and last Saturday at Esperson Gallery was special, to be sure.

Friends came in from as far as Brownsville, Texas, my hometown, to partake in this celebratory event and I was humbled.  I suppose that is the Texas way, sharing your big heart with those who cross your path, and with family and friends.

To all my new friends and to my old friends with whom I have reconnected with over the last five years, to my family near and far, I send you love from across the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean.

I am back home in Hawaii, but I look forward to continued sharing with Houstonians in the coming months and years.  I have begun more canvasses to ship to Esperson Gallery when ever Tammy is ready and have begun the formatting of my next new book venture.

It will be a book of my poems accompanied with miniature watercolor paintings, in full color of course!  I’ll let you all know as soon as it hits the press.

Once again I thank all involved in my Gallery Opening Night and my Book Signing Event.  It was splendid indeed!

Enjoy some book signing photos.


HOUSTON…We had a soaring “lift-off” at the book signing event. Aloha…Until we meet again.