If The Chair Fits…

June 8, 2015

If the chair fits, sit on in and stay a while.  Visit and talk story like the old-timers used to do.  The art of a comfortable chair, well made and esthetically pleasing and the art of conversation go hand in hand.  And in this case a brand new painting series of chairs, large and small.

ChairBlack&Pink ChairYellow&OrangeStripeCushion&Floor ChairPink&SoftPinkStripeFloor ChairOrange&RedOchreStripeFloor


What the chairs all have in common is the ability to draw out conversation and sharing.  They compel you to imagine what it would feel like to sit on the rich velvet surface of the orange and burgundy striped chair or the hot pink chair or perhaps feel the love coming from the “love” chair.  All in all, these chairs evoke a feeling and a remembrance of times when it was considered important to connect in conversations, one on one, face to face, with friends, neighbors or family.  Perhaps it was a time when things were less complicated.

Maybe you can pick out a favorite chair, somewhere in your own home and then get good and comfortable in that spot, long enough to have a meaningful conversation with someone you love.