Ignite your creativity…

September 2, 2014

Original watercolor painting by Patricia Missler, © 2014, entitled “My favorite yellow table”

As a WRITER and PAINTER, I try to be as open as possible to that which might nurture my creativity.  Igniting your creativity is so important and you can do that on a daily basis without much effort.  Be receptive and awake to what is already in your life.  Take time to really “look” at something as if you are seeing it for the first time.  I did that this weekend as I enjoyed the Labor Day holiday at home, taking time to enjoy my lanai.  I love sitting there, listening to the forest birds sing or the wind rustling through the tall ‘Ohi’a trees.  I also love my old yellow table that is surrounded by colorful chairs and flowers.  I took the time to really “see” my lanai.  It made me want to pick up my watercolors and do a few paintings of my lanai and my yard.

Beauty is alway a great inspiration for me; whether in nature, art, music, literature, great food and drink!.  Somehow this gets the artistic wheels turning in my head.  If you are a visual person like I am, this might work for you too!

What I have recently started are my Pinterest boards, which I invite you to visit.  Because I am such a visual person, I need that dose of beauty to inspire me.  I love looking at images in the areas that interest me as it is food for my creativity.  What my boards are designed to do is to weave together art and words, images and feelings, that in turn will help express what I like most about the artistic life.  This is the world I live and create in…

I hope you will enjoy my visual journey and also find some inspiration from my boards.  When you visit me on Pinterest, make sure you have a note pad and pen to write about what inspires you.  If you like, you can let me know on my blog or Facebook.  Maybe we can get a dialogue started.