Living in the moment…

October 17, 2014

AS I quietly wait for the approaching tropical storm, Ana (recently upgraded to a category 1 hurricane) I wanted to take a moment to pause in all my preparations and share with you all what this means to me, personally.

First off, our summer was greeted by tropical storm Iselle in August.  In September, we were once again reminded of life’s fragile balance when Madame Pele began her march into Pahoa.  At this time she is very close to the outskirts of town, putting those people in the area in a cloud of uncertainty.  She stopped flowing a couple of days ago, perhaps she is considerate of those in Pahoa, knowing that nerves are raw with the approaching storm.

Whatever the reason for the changes in our environment, these are life experiences that make me take a hard look at myself.  I remind my heart to always treat our Earth with great reverence and respect for it is She that sustains us all.  Furthermore, we sustain each other by showing loving kindness and compassion as often as we possibly can.

This approaching storm reminds me to begin anew, each moment, with the awareness that we are guaranteed nothing and are owed nothing.  I tell myself to appreciate each moment as if it were my last.  Was I as loving and kind as I could have been today with everyone in my life?  I renew my commitment today as I attempt to face the evening hours and the approaching storm with dignity and grace.  With love and compassion in my heart for all my loved ones, my family and friends, who know that I think of them often and send them “oceans of love” across the ocean.

So to all my friends, family and followers on Facebook and my blog, please send some healing thoughts and love our way, to the glorious Hawaiian Islands.  There are many people who can use your positive and light energy at this time.

The photo I share in this posting is one of the night sky that greeted me as I came home last night.  It was powerful, calm, serene and yet potent and ominous; with an preview of what is to come.  I felt as though the universe was saying to me, “Here is a sunset which you can delight in tonight.  Enjoy this moment.  Capture it’s beauty.  Tomorrow will be another day, another time, and yes, another experience.  Perhaps not so gentle, but take it all in stride, Dear Heart.  Live each moment of life AWAKE and appreciate that you are ALIVE!”