If Love Was a Color…

January 22, 2015

If love was a color, what  would it be?  Would it depend on what type of love it was?  Between lovers, friends, family… Do colors match emotions or do emotions gravitate to certain colors? This painting is called “Goodness, Kindness and Love” and was inspired by my dearest of friends, Masao and Hiroko Sasai.

As an artist, I’m intrigued with colors and their vibrations, how they make me feel as I push paint on a canvas, splashing, scraping, squirting, layering, glazing, and blending.  The push and pull of light and dark, tones, shades and intensity of colors; complimentary colors, opposite colors, negative and positive spaces playing with color.  Colors reveal my feelings through the brush strokes.

I can feel it, can you?  What color means to me in the moment of creation, is a moment of solitary happiness.  I complete a painting and I smile.  I feel deeply when I paint and some colors make me feel more moved with love than others.

Some colors are intellectual.  Some are remote and aloof.  Some whisper and some SHOUT.  But in the end, colors ALWAYS give me…JOY.  I hope they also give you joy.