A New Chapter

January 1, 2015

A new chapter and a new year is ushered in, as it always is, with sparklers, firecrackers, smoke, gleeful squeals from the small children watching fireworks in our yard.  Nothing grand, just simple and sweet.

As the sounds and smells, so familiar to me from my own childhood begin to take over, I release myself into my own inner-child.  Isn’t that the best way to begin a NEW YEAR…like a child in awe and wonder of a fireworks display?

To begin a new chapter, with nothing holding you back…with a clean and free slate may also require letting go of anything that holds you back.  That is exactly what I did last night, after the fireworks, after the children were off to bed, I took a ceremonial plunge into the blazing flames of renewal.  Tell yourself that you can start your life over again in any fashion you wish…each new day and each New Year is unspoiled.  Begin unfettered, begin free.

For my friends and family that follow my blog, I share with you my first poem in 2015 and a glimpse at the beautiful morning clouds.  Happy New Year and Best Wishes to All!



2015 started on the last night of 2014

With an bonfire in the lava rock fire pit

Discarding hindrances from the past.


Writing down in words,

On a piece of white lined paper,

The heaviness I wanted to release,

I folded it neatly in half, then quarters

Leaned over and placed it in the

Center of the hot flames that licked the

Top of the pile, burning it quickly,

The last gasp of the year, up in flames.


Waking early in the morning, the chill,

Present in the air, color beginning to appear

In the clouds, drifting in peach and lavender

Set against the paleness of blue.


The smoke in the air still hanging on…

Reminding me of what I have renounced

Reminding me to take the high road, always.

Reminding me that last night’s fire was

Not just ceremonial, it was life changing.

I determined to let go of the things that held

Me back. It has been done.


I poke the embers with a stick…

Nothing of last night remains,

Except the smell of smoke

And a gossamer wing of memories in the ash.

©2015, Patricia Missler