Nurture creativity…

October 3, 2014

Display of “Sassy Duck Tape Crafts” by Mia at Lavender Moon Gallery in Hawaii.

How does creativity begin?  My 12 year old niece began tapping her creativity at the young age of four with the enthusiastic and nurturing guidance from my sister.  That is what it takes, a mentor, or anyone who loves you enough to say that what you are doing is a wonderful expression of your uniqueness and creativity.  Over time my niece Mia has developed a keen eye for design and engineering.  Anything she likes, she studies it and tries to figure out how it was made.  She searches the internet for how-to’s on any subject and then she gets to work.  This is a child who was encouraged to explore art, crafting, music and all things beautiful at a young age…but I say you are never too old to start tapping into your own creative “inner-child”.  Dream Big, Be Fearless and Dare to Explore the Unknown!!


With all the skill Mia has gained throughout the years she is an accomplished guitarist and also now makes all types of products using duck tape, a trendy and hip material being used by the younger generation.  I was so impressed by the quality of her work that I now carry Mia’s creative wallets and key chains at my own art gallery.

She has become quite the business woman opening her own Etsy shop featuring “Sassy Duck Tape Crafts”.  I love her can do spirit and I predict she will be unstoppable in her creative journey.

Here is the photo of my very own wallet…I love it!