Onward in 2017

January 1, 2017


Stars dot a clear sky

Cold and quiet

No morning is the same

No year is the same


Waking early to sit in stillness

Of a newborn year

Facing a mind that does not change

A mind that rambles on

A mind that is not still

But hopes for change


2016 ended…

An era in my life

No longer shackled to routine

Chains have been hacksawed

Freedom is dangling in front of my eyes


2016 ended…

With a well laid-out design for my future path

A soft voice counsels to make no such plans

Urges me to float freely, fluidly,

Flowing harmoniously within the tide of creativity


2016 dealt unhealthy doses of

Pain, struggle, sadness, hardship,

Disappointment, and stress


Whenever hope and light,

Joy and relief, happiness and gratitude

Found a way to sneak passed the gatekeeper

It did, giving us hope


2017 tells me it is a dream

Yet to be conjured into reality


Reality will be the dream

I wish it to be.


© Patricia Missler, January 1, 2017