Pink Elephants on Maui’s North Shore

December 22, 2014

PINK ELEPHANTShave been sighted on Maui’s North Shore in Paia town.  The pink elephants, known to family, friends, and collectors as  “Pinkies”, were last seen entering a famous and popular boutique in this jewel of a surf town.  Biasa Rose Boutique in Paia is the first on Maui to carry my stationary cards, featuring twelve unique pink elephants.  The original paintings were watercolors.  They are now available to all like minded folks, looking for a way to tap in to your inner child and enjoy the simple things in life.

If you are on the Big Island you can find them at, Lavender Moon Gallery.  In the very near future they will be available on my website and Facebook page.

If you are passing through Paia, I encourage you to stop in to this wonderful boutique.  The clothing, personal items, shoes, purses, stationary and gift items, etc., are all of fine quality and the staff is beyond helpful.  Let them know I sent you!