Pint-size Creative Energy

August 15, 2015

The “Great Aunt” with the “Great Niece”

Creative energy comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms.  The fact that I live in Hawaii means that my senses are constantly surrounded by and engulfed daily in Creative Energy.  Being open to new and unexpected sources of that creativity is the KEY.  You never know who, what, when or where you’ll be inspired.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as INSPIRATION OVERLOAD or CREATIVITY OVERLOAD.  Simply does not exist in my reality.  In fact, too much is just right.

When my thirteen year old great niece Mia visited me in Hawaii recently, my creative soul was refreshed by her constant inspiration in music, video arts, and textiles.  We had genuine fun together.  No age barrier at all.  What kept us connected was not so much being blood related but being artistically connected and related.

We were and are and most likely will always be creatively connected.  We established a bond, a link between our generations.  She shared her music with me, the best of her music which she knew I would like.  And she was spot on.  I am now following all her of picks on Spotify and she gets to see what I like in music too.  She created a little Spotify monster…that is certain.  I’m enjoying one of her favorite artists, Vance Joy.  Until my niece came along, I didn’t know who the heck Vance Joy was.  Now I do and I love his music.  And since I am also a lover of music, anything new that I bring into my own world is special.  Music is always around me.  It is a constant source of inspiration for me, along with the wild and wonderful forest I live in.

While in Hawaii Mia did a short video entitled “Hawaii 2015/Riptide”.  It is refreshing and energizing and definitely gives  you a younger vibe to a Hawaii experience.  Check the link posted here to view Riptide. In the short time she was here, Mia also edited a video for me that will be posted in the near future.

Tie-dye became my obsession while she was here and we completed dozens of the most original looking tie-dyes I’ve seen in a while.  They go from wild and magical to subdued and elegant.  Tie-dying is just one more expression for my own creative energy.  So many people have likened that my watercolor originals to fabric designs and I knew that I needed to explore the world of fabric and textiles.  This is just the beginning of my journey into fabric design.

This is precisely why I keep the doors to my creativity OPEN, ALWAYS OPEN!!  So that little pint-sized creative geniuses can walk right in and guide me into another room that I hadn’t yet visited. Bravo Mia, bravo!


Mia’s very own personal “unicorn” shirt designed by me just for her!


Here we are in the studio planning our next “strategy”.


Inventory of some of our work.


Playing away…


A temporary badge of tie-dye honor…a teal thumb.