Sharing my favorite yellow table

November 22, 2014

When I paint scenes of my home, it is done in the spirit of child-like innocence and spontaneous flowing of watercolors on paper.  I don’t think about anything other than how much I like something in my house, like my yellow table out on our front lanai.  Or the colorful chairs made out of recycled wood from old boats, and the white lights that shine through the book case each evening, twinkling happily and brightly.  This all transports my energy to a child-like place, a place where there is no wrong or right in how you paint or color.  I feel it’s all good, because it comes from inner joy that beauty seems to draw out of me, and of course beauty inspires my art.  I share with people that my watercolor paintings are expressions of the happiness from my childhood.  It is my own inner-child that paints with watercolors, whether they are loosely rendered or abstract.  At any rate…it all relates back to expressing creativity.

Another “piece” of my own home is now going to find a special spot in someone else’s home.  That makes me happy.  My front lanai will be living, in a sense, far from “home”.  And so it goes…


SistersSale3Here are the two sisters that now will have my favorite yellow table living with them too!