Small can be Large

June 3, 2015

“Orange Chair On Striped Floor”

Have you ever heard the saying, “Less is more”?  Well when it comes to paintings (and I suppose writing also) sometimes less can be just as striking as more.  With fewer places to look at in a painting your eyes can focus on just one object and savor it, much like a well written poem with few words expressing an intense emotion.  You get the point, right?

I’m currently working on a commission for large abstract paintings.  However, while I’m at my gallery, Lavender Moon Gallery, I don’t like to be idle.  I can only do so much dusting, rearranging and rehanging art before I go bonkers.  So I work on my little darlings, on my small gouache paintings.  They keep me company and we make each other happy.

I paint small most times, at the gallery.  Just so I don’t make too much of a mess.  And in their smallness, my little paintings grow very large.  They have a purpose.  They make a statement.  They make people smile.  They make people happy.

I’ve started an entirely new collection of one of my favorite design elements…the cool chair.

You will most likely start to see lots of chairs popping up in my postings.  So, pull up your favorite chair, have a sit and stay a while.