So Much To See, So Little Time

June 3, 2015

Delicate asparagus holding on to tiny raindrops!


In my last post I wrote about less being more, about smaller being larger.  That applies to what I seek out for inspiration in living my life, moment by moment.  Reminding myself to take the time to stop and look at nature in a more intimate way.

After a good rain there is an abundance of inspiration for me in my garden.  I walk in the garden looking at plants very closely.  Raindrops are fascinating.  They cling on to the plants to give them extra nourishment, to feed the soil with nutrients as they slowly drip down the leaves, petals and stems.  Splash!

Inspiration is all around us.  Take the time to walk out into nature, my friends.  Take small moments and make them large.


Raindrops on purple cabbage


Raindrops holding on to a purple cosmos flower


Green Onion stalks loving the rain


Green Onion going to seed