Summer Colors, Beaches, Sand, Surf…

May 22, 2014

Bright summer colors inviting you to swim in the ocean, walk on a sandy beach, listen to the surf pounding on the rocky shores of the Kona Coast or gently lapping on to a sandy beach in Paia.  Where ever and when ever colors appear, they grab my attention.  They inspire me to paint or to write about what I “see”.  I love bright colors.  They make me happy.

Taking notes, writing down your impressions, words that come to mind, descriptions of people, places and things…this will all help you when you begin your next story.  Maybe a canoe paddler will be a character in a short story, or perhaps the confetti colored window dressings will be the backdrop of a story.  Perhaps it will inspire a painting!  These windows in a San Lorenzo boutique on Maui certainly put a smile on my face and nourished my creative mind.