Tea Ceremony and Living Art Form…

September 24, 2014

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a living art form, alive and flourishing all over the world.  Our dear friends, Masao and Hiroko Sasai, who visit regularly from Tokyo, Japan, embody the art form of the Green Tea Ceremony.

We were honored to have such a ceremony performed for family and friends recently.  The subtle beauty and refinement of the tradition is a high art form and also a spiritual experience for all involved.

Reviewing the past days of activity with visitors, a poem came to me in the middle of the night…influenced by the tea ceremony.  Once again highlighting art and life merging into one seamless event.

My poem follows with a few images of the tea ceremony.  I hope you are able to feel the peace and renewal we felt that day.



Tea Master

He floats, like clouds drifting breathlessly over the open sea

declaring, “Like soft puffy white clouds floating across the ocean, I

wish to live my life…quietly drifting.”


And so he begins, drifting across the cool tiled floor

his movements in ceremonial form

quiet, soft, potent…like the green tea he honors.


Soundless shuffles, bending low, sitting erect, feet crossed.


Tap, tap, tapping bamboo blade on teacup

dipping ladle into black ceramic pot with boiling water

musical bubbles, a melody of their own.


Pouring water into green powder

bamboo whisk…rapid motions, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,

the sound of tea and water dissolving into each other.


Blessing of a lifetime — in a single cup of tea —

witnessed by the puffy clouds drifting up the mountain slope

transforming into an ethereal mist.


Quietly, quietly the clouds float by

as the Master and Tea are one.

©2014, Patricia Missler



MASAO in his kimono, preparing to enter the tea ceremony area.


The back of Masao’s kimono tied into a beautiful knot.


Cleansing prior to the ceremony.


Sitting and preparing tea


Preparing tea.


Whisk and Blade


Tools for ceremony


Preparing to drink tea.


Forest mist surrounding and joining in the tea ceremony.


Patricia with tea master, Masao after the ceremony.


Hiroko, Patricia, Dux and Masao after the ceremony.