The Color of Spring

April 3, 2015

The Color of Spring is definitely synonymous with a time of rebirth and recommitment.  With a revival of gratitude at being alive and able to see, smell, feel, hear, taste and touch the flavors, sounds and scents of Spring.

Winter is fading with the hopes of giving us all a new beginning…an opportunity to re-focus our lives and purpose in our daily life.  To re-kindle our passions and energies into doing what gives us the greatest joy so that we can in turn spread our own happiness lavishly upon the world.

This is a time to re-direct, re-fresh, re-birth and re-invent ourselves.  Nothing says you can’t and at every turn the flowers that are slowly re-blooming after a winter’s cozy nap all share with us their own joy at facing the warmth of the sun and gently unfurling their petals, sharing their joy with us.

Be excited about Spring.  Make it a special Spring in your new beginning!

Happy Spring!