The Homecoming

March 5, 2015

The Homecoming…An Art Opening.

I began my Wednesday night event as most would in Hawaii, bringing gifts from home.  A basket full of orchids and my personal favorite estate Kona Coffee.  I was all bundled up against the icy wind whipping through the downtown streets.  Even the cold wind could not turn down the heat of my inner nerves, not knowing what to expect in a big city.  Being a Hawaii resident for over thirty years, I came grounded in the spirit of ALOHA and was met with a Texas equivalent of a huge warm embrace by the city and its city dwellers.  From the hip, young people exuberant about the arts, life, living and happiness; seasoned professionals in varied fields of medicine, science, engineering and architecture, solid Houstonians.  As I tossed off my wool coat I was kept warm by the radiant glow of family and friends, new and old.  So excited to begin this chapter of my life’s work.  I’m already looking forward to a second art exhibit at Esperson Gallery.  I began taking mental notes of which paintings I wanted to begin upon my return to Hawaii.  My hands at the ready for a wet paint brush!

My Gallery Opening Night was thrilling for me.  I’ve had my openings in Hawaii but the Houston art scene is that experience magnified by a hundred, at least..

Here is a glimpse into the opening of my exhibit.  I hope it conveys my dedication to art and my determination to paint for as long as my hands can hold a brush.  Enjoy my friends, enjoy!



Art Exhibit at Esperson Gallery


The end of a long and glorious day, filled with feelings of abundance and joy! As the day’s activities ended, and we were back home, I took time to smell the roses and give my Yellow Roses of Texas a kiss good night!