What’s Love Got To Do With it?

June 24, 2015

You ask “What’s love got to do with it?”  Actually, Love has everything to do with it….a couple who just got married on Kauai, now on their honeymoon visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, brimming over with love, fell in love with my little watercolor original called “Love Chair”.  How perfect is that?

We talked about our shared histories, like being Texan and being University of Texas at Austin alumni.  Then they saw my “Love Chair” and they told me they were on their honeymoon.  I got to see the wedding picture they took on the beach after their ceremony…a beautiful couple in white.

Nathan and Devin purchased the “Love Chair” as a wedding present and memento of their honeymoon.  I was over the moon on that special couple’s purchase because the chair could not have found a better home or purpose in life.  That chair was painted with love, with love being the driving creative force, energy and intention.

A home filled with love and commitment, joy and appreciation, and hope for living happily ever after; is that not grand?

Here’s to Nathan and Devin, the happy couple from Texas, wishing you ALL the happiness life has to offer.



Nathan and Devin falling for the “Love Chair”.



Nathan giving me the ol’ Hook’em horns greeting. Ah, a blast from my past. Good fun!