When Does Friendship Begin?

June 30, 2015

Sherri Dhyan, Studio 22K, wearing her cool jeweler’s goggles, standing in front of a case with her delicate creations.

Have you ever met someone that you knew from the first moment you started talking with them that you were going to be friends for a long, long time?  When does friendship begin?  Is it in that first sharing or do we have “old” connections with people and when we finally reunite, we instantly connect?

On my recent “inspiration” and “recharging the ol’ batteries” trip to Maui, my husband and I met this most amazing artist.  She is a jeweler, painter, person, soul and fine lady.  She creates in solid 22K gold only and all with fine gems.  Definitely an artist in her own right and with one of the things I love most, 22K.

Her gallery, Studio 22K, is the last gallery leaving Paia if you are heading, say, to Hookipa for some windsurfing. However, if you are coming in to Paia town from Hookipa, after a long day of surfing, it would be the first gallery.  Funny to think you are either the first stop or the last…but I digress.

So this amazing artist, Sherri Dhyan, was a source of recharging for me.  Her unbridled enthusiasm and energy, her light and creative genius,  and passion, was a complete inspiration for me.  She loves what she does, she creates what she loves, and she hopes you will also love her creations.  I certainly did.

Her gallery featured only a few, hand-picked, high end, well-known and accomplished jewelers from around the world.  My jaw dropped open when I saw the arsenal of top dogs in the world of jewelry.

There were so many pictures I wanted to take but didn’t.  I was somewhat fearful we would wear out our welcome, though I’m almost certain Sherri wouldn’t have minded.  I think we have become friends.

And with that, I go back to my original opening line about friendship and when it begins.  This time it opened immediately and through a new friendship, my own artwork was influenced by Sherri’s generous spirit. Recharging my own energy is what I do to keep passion alive.  To keep fresh.  To stay AWAKE.  It is what I do to deepen my own source of inspiration to create art, both in painting and writing.

I think our energy inspired Sherri too.  And that my dears is what “friendship” is all about.

Patti&SherriIMG_2006  NecklaceFullSizeRender   Sherri2IMG_2008