When LIFE collides with ART…

September 23, 2014


Mr. Ochi, a dead-ringer for one of my original watercolor paintings!

How great is it when LIFE actually imitates and collides with ART???


In my previous blog entry I wrote about being inspired by life to create art.  However, this time around I want to share what happens when ART is created and it meets up with its’ counterpart in LIFE…as I found out last week.

Friends from Tokyo, Japan came to our house for a visit.  As we were leafing through a recent collection of my original watercolors we were surprised to find two of my paintings that were reflections of what Mr. and Mrs. Ochi were wearing that day.


Mrs. Ochi wearing one of my original watercolor paintings.

It is remarkable to me to know that somewhere else in the world the images so similar to my paintings already existed…on the clothing my friends were wearing!

You just can’t make this kind of stuff up…it just happens.  I find it amusing when the universe comes right up to my art and says, “Hi, I have existed in all things for a very long time, kiddo.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking YOU create.  Everything has already been created and just waiting around to reveal itself through someone, like yourself…so don’t ever take yourself too seriously.”

And I agree with this…enjoy all the coincidences in life, such as when LIFE collides with ART!!